Apr, 24.2020

Due to pandamic COVID 19 The fabled voice actor Rick May has died.he was a teaching faculty in Rekindle School, an independent acting, film, and art school based in Seattle and this news brought shock to the gaming community.
The report says that in the month of february 'May' had a stroke and soon he was moved to a nursinghome for rehabitation but unfortunately he made contact with the novel corona virus.,after the report got positive he was transferred to Seattle’s Swedish hospital but there the virus won the battle and 'May' took his last breathe at the age of 79.
Rick may  had voiced in Team Fortress 2 and brought the soldier to life. He had con
Performed to many other games apart from Team Fortress 2. 
His list of work includes names like Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, Claw, Star Fox 4, Ollo in the Summer Valley Fair and many more. Rick had been directing  and appearing in over 330 shows during his total career. On top of that, the genious  Rick also contributed his talent as an artistic director in Renton Civic Theater and Civic Light Opera back in his prime.
Saxton Hale also writes on his Twitter handle about the great artist.he has written that "Rick May, the voice of soldier has passed away today. He has never failed with making me laugh with his voicelines, and the delivery with them. I hope he lived a great life, and I hope he passed away peacefully.God speed you magnificent bastard."
Artist's fans also paid their respects and final tribute to him.
Rick will be missed and will be immortalised forever for the voice of soldier.