Launching of Destiny 2's Vault of Glass Raid On May 22 nd , 2021 is confirmed


Soumi Sarkar


May, 01.2021

There has been a release date fixed for Vault of Glass Raid and it should hit Destiny 2 at a specific time.
The makers are planning for a launch at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on Saturday, May 22nd. This was a game,
which Bungle had teased since last year. Your channel got a look and we found out that it is a revamped
version of the first one ever released in the original Destiny. However, the game is being added to
Destiny 2 and it should benefit from the inclusion of new elements. A special feature included in the
game is the “Contest Mode”, which has become standard for Destiny 2 raids.
The news for the release came from none other than Bungie on his blog and there was more detail. The
blog also shared details regarding the expectations from power level players as they take on the raid
right on the first day. Your channel got to know that all encounters for the Vault of Glass will be locked
at 1300 Power. It simply means that a player must boast of this minimum strength to take on the raid
right on its first day. The contest mode ends on May 23rd and before that, it will not help if you raise the
characters to any higher mode than that. 
The gaming fans who are not familiar with the contest mode have the liberty to equalize the playing
field for new raids during their first 24 hours. A player needs to be familiar with the ins and outs right
from the days of original Destiny. It should then be fine for a fan.