PUBG Mobile set to release version V0.18.0 Update which will introduce players to Miramar 2.0, Jungle Mode and more


SAMRIDDHA SAHA (Gl1tch_mast3r)


Apr, 21.2020

The 0.18.0 beta version of PUBG Mobile has been released which brings some of the most exciting changes including Miramar 2.0, the Win94 with an attached scope, and new EvoGround game modes.The update is expected to weigh in at around 2GB and is expected to be rolled out to the users soon. Although, PUBG Mobile has not made any official announcement regarding the update but it is likely that they will release a statement soon. 

Miramar 2.0

Miramar 2.0 that adds a racing ramp to the map, a new area called Water City that could be called Oasis., a vehicle called Golden Mirado, and vending machines. These vending machines can be used to get painkillers and energy drinks. You can take your vehicles for a spin through the remains which include some ramps and pathways. Then there is a new city and a Ruins area on the map for you to explore as well. Another new feature that has been added to the map is sand storms. These storms are visible on your map, and entering the location lowers you visibility.

Jungle Mode

A new mode is expected to arrive on the jungle map of Sanhok. Now the details about this mode are very limited but from what we can see, players will be able to float around using hot-air balloons. One would have to maintain the heat in the balloon and players will be able to jump out using a parachute.

Safety Scramble/Bluehole

This is a new mode that is a part of EvoGround and features a Blue circle inside the safe zone. Entering this zone damages the player, but it is also where the next circle will be. In essence, it reduces the play area in any given match, which should increase the chances of coming across enemies. Basically, in this mode, there will be an additional blue zone within the safe zone to prevent camping. The inner blue region will also decrease the players’ health. However, it is to be noted that this inner blue circle will convert into the next Safe Zone when the timer resets again.


I am sure this update is going to include certain other siginificant changes. We will get to explore what all new changes comes with the new update and get a clear view only after it releases. So stay tuned and follow our news section for regular updates.