Cyberpunk 2077 Set to Feature 75 Street Story Side Quests


Samriddha Saha


Feb, 19.2020

Cyberpunk 2077 Set to Feature 75 Street Story Side Quests
Custom made, too!
CD PROJEKT last year confirmed that every quest story in the game Cyberpunk 2077 will be "handcrafted", that includes street stories, side quests, and main quests. Any quest you do or attempt in the game will be specially handcrafted.
In a new interview with OnMSFT, CD Projekt's Krakow studio head John Mamais said there will be around 75 street story side quests. He also explained how they will work in the overall concept of the game. 
"We don’t have any simulator stuff or gameplay. In Witcher 3, we did the open-world elements very late in the development process when we only had two or three people working on it or something. Now there’s, like, 15 people doing these open-world quests. There’s a couple of layers. There’s a passive layer, which is the vendors, then there’s the STSs, which are the street stories. I think there are around 75 street stories. Then there are minor activities as well," said Marmais.

"The street stories are like little quests. There’s story but there’s not, like, advanced cinematic storytelling sequences so much. They’re a way to explore the world and level-up your character," he added.
On being questioned on the repetitiveness of the game and quests Mamais said, "They’re all custom done. There’s nothing like that’s automatically generated. There are set templates that the guys can use but each one is customized to make them feel unique. The world’s going to be filled with that stuff. It should feel really good."