Fallout 76 Coming to Steam This April; With Big Human NPC Expansion


Samriddha Saha


Feb, 17.2020

Fallout 76 Coming to Steam This April; With Big Human NPC Expansion
The original main quest has been revamped! 
It's official: The new expansion of Fallout 76 will come to Steam on April 7, 2020. With the launch of Wastelanders, the game will come to Steam finally. A new trailer is available now if you haven't watched it yet. You have watched it though. Haven't you? Yeah, we knew you couldn't wait.
New Human NPCs are coming to Appalachia. Along with the Human NPCs, the main factions comprise of the raiders living at the crashed space station and the settlers inhabiting the Foundation. There will be a new reputation system in Fallout 76 which will raise your standing among the factions if you complete the given tasks and quests. Basically, you are gonna have to go out, do some real work, get the job done, and earn some street rep.
The more you help the factions, the more you gain their trust and the more items and faction-based plans you will be able to buy from vendors. Companions will be available too, however, we have not heard anything about them for a while now.
The trailer will give you a glimpse of what's coming. We noticed a scary looking cult figure, and some ghoul-looking NPCs. Both of them might represent the new minor NPC faction the game is getting. The new creatures are also featured in the trailer. One can spot a flying mutant light bulb-looking thingy. You can also see the Bow and Arrow and a wrist-mounted saw blade, and some sort of heavy energy canon.
Along with the main quests and side quests, Fallout 76 developers have revealed that they have also revamped the original quest.
Christopher Livingstone writes in PC Gamer, "it's also hard not to read a little into the Wastelanders tagline in the trailer: 'A new beginning.' I feel like it's not just talking about the factions beginning a new life in Appalachia, but perhaps a new beginning for Fallout 76 players, too. With human NPCs, branching dialogue trees, story-based choices, and reputation systems, Wastelanders promises to bring in a bit more of the things that made past Fallout games so enjoyable."
The game will be available on Steam. However, Bethesda's announcement says, "If you already have Fallout 76 on Bethesda.net, you will not be able to transfer your Atoms or Fallout 1st membership balance between Bethesda.net and Steam."