PUBG Mobile: Sara Coming to PUBG Mobile


Rounak "FL45H666" Roy


Mar, 06.2020

PUBG Mobile season 9 is coming to an end and Season 10 content has been leaked multiple times already. In Season 10, a new character will be added to the game. Sara, a female character with unique abilities. The description of Sara says she is a great driver and reduces the damage of your vehicle.

A woman who knows how to drive? That's lovely. Sara is coming to stay and she is coming with her own sets of skins and costumes. Her unique skills are vehicle-related and she is a "Vehicle Expert". This means because of her abilities your vehicles will take less damage. This perk could be scalable and you might have to play more games with her to unlock a higher level of the perk. However, her vehicle expertise can only be useful in Evo Mode. This means in classic games you cannot use her abilities, and the normal matches will still be balanced. The season 10 and the new character is expected to me with a 0.15.5 update.